“Fishbeyn has a huge personality, and it suits – this is a big show! …She sings both American and Russian songs with gusto…brilliant, well told story…this show had a profound and lasting message…4 Stars” – FEMALE ARTS


“Give it up for Anna Fishbeyn, who manages to turn painful memoir into an insightful, entertaining show…such is Fishbeyn’s charm — and her gift for revealing both the humor and heartbreak of Russian-American life — that her tale is ultimately redemptive….Fishbeyn [has] triumphed!” – HUFFINGTON POST

“Playwright/actor Anna Fishbeyn …has…a thrilling singing voice and strong comedic impersonation skills.” – JEWISH STANDARD

Fishbeyn would be “…an asset to both the Kremlin and US State Department.” – FLAVORPILL NYC

“In Anna Fishbeyn’s solo show, the writer and actor recounts her childhood emigration from Russia to America and her struggles to wrap lips, teeth and tongue around new vowels, consonants and worlds. ” – NEW YORK TIMES

“Comic writer-performer Anna Fishbeyn (Sex in Mommyville) shares tales of her struggle to master the English language as a Russian-Jewish immigrant to America when she was a girl.”  NEW YORK TIME OUT


“My grandmother was an extraordinary woman who survived Stalin, WWII, KGB interrogations, the Communist regime, immigration to America and life in America. 
Before she died, she asked me: what is the point of life – we suffer there, we suffer here, we suffer when we’re young and we suffer when we’re old.”  – A YOUNGER THEATRE


“Part of what makes Anna so special is that she remembers fleeing Russia and remembers her childhood in Russia. She remembers being the ‘other’ in Russia, and coming to the United States and being the ‘other…’”  – VOICES OF NEW YORK

My Stubborn Tongue uses humor and lyricism to explain, “You have no idea what this person is like in their actual tongue. And you will never know, because they will never speak in a way that’s palatable for you.” – UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MAGAZINE